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Dungeoning Dragons: My Search for a System

February 20th 2015

Once Upon a Time, I was in the local mall with my Grandmother.

It was because of her that I had a deep and passionate love of games in all of their forms… So, when we came across a store called

Ups and Downs

January 4th 2015

The first few days of any project always seem to give a preview of how the rest of the project might go, at least for me.

For 2015, we are now on the fourth (4th) day. And I have been riding a

52 books for 2015

December 28th 2014

Here, I wanna outline my details for one of the challenges I am undertaking next year: The 52 book challenge.

Basically, the idea is to average at least one book a week over the

New Year, New Life

December 27th 2014

As 2015 looms on the horizon, I feel a lot of change in my blood.

The past year has brought with it many times when I have been blissfully happy… But just as many times when I have been out of my

Current Projects

November 24th 2014

I’ve recently begun some new projects which have been taking up all of my time.

In lieu of some specific post about a single one I thought I would instead