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Troubleshooting and Design

August 21st 2014

I went to sleep last night knowing that when I woke I would promptly begin to work on this website again. My goal is to, at least once every day, post something here about the things I make or do or think. I want to look back here next August and without question know I worked hard this year.

Example of my Workspace

And yes, setting up this website was work.

I ended up spending about a day configuring all of the different parts of my current set up. But that will be another post. Today I want to talk about what I spent my morning doing: Designing how toto would look for You.

Toto is a simple blog engine that was built on top of many other tools which I use in my day to day work life. Each post (including this one) is just text, and written in Markdown (which I adore using for any kind of text content). What sets toto apart from what I’ve used is that it doesn’t process all my files- at least not beforehand. I haven’t used a dynamic blog since I left Wordpress back in high school when I got fed up with all the lag that came from non-static engines.

Toto seems not to have any lag (yet).

A Picture of Phoebe. The Tumbling Owl

So I woke up and went to work post haste: I knew I had a mascot readymade from past attempts to launch a static blog. Her name is Phoebe and she is an owl, who just can’t seem to keep herself upright. She likes to roll away, a tumbling owl.

The template dorothy (toto’s best friend) was very simple and needed some work for me to use- but as a base, it worked as intended. One gripe I’ve had with past attempts at this is that the default look of an engine is hard for me to change: If I wanted to rewrite it from scratch I would just make my own website to start with! But, I had no problems doing so when I began to work on dorothy.

All in all, toto has impressed me- from its light size, to its simple design. I stopped blogging because I was fed up with all the bullshit that kept coming up when I tried to maintain a constant stream of content. Now, I think that because it’s just text that I need write and add to git I shouldn’t have any stupid bullshit get in the way of me publishing it.

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