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Daily Goals

August 22nd 2014

Each day there are some things I’d like to do and some which, now, are better off not done.

The word habit is strong. Too strong for me to use when living life is on the line. My days should be a string of choices made from conscious thought, not just twitchy reflex. Instead I like to call such things my goals.

I woke up with a bad headache today.

In lieu of something more complex to write, I thought I would affirm my newfound goals. I like having a place to look back on when things are rough or haven’t gone as planned. It lets me start succeeding once again instead of tacitly resigning to giving up on how I want to live.

My goals right now are simple choices that will help me to succeed more in my life. As an example one is just to sleep for more than seven hours every night. I’ve always had some trouble getting sleep and so I think this will be a good change.

It also will help me align my days with my girlfriend’s. She studies in Vermont starting next month, and so will be changing her sleep schedule. While I cannot awake at six each day, perhaps I could start to wake up at eight or nine instead of noon. I will just need to go to bed a bit earlier than I have been as of late.

Another goal I have is to work on my music each day. I’ve let my life become the focal point instead of my music… I mustn’t cast my life aside, although I need to find a balance for my trade. If I can eke out two hours each day, I think I will improve my skills a lot.

My final goal is to post to my blog each day that I can get to my laptop. I want there to be very few days where I don’t take time to reflect on my work. It will help me improve my daily grind, and hopefully will make me do productive work instead of spiralling out of control.

It also lets me share my work with friends. So that, too, is a benefit for me.

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