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Headaches and Asthma

August 23rd 2014

It’s hard to say when I first felt a pain behind my eyes, especially my left.

Before You ask, I did see a doctor about my head before. They said it was my eyes: Astigmatism. I needed glasses. I wasn’t too displeased at this.

See, when I was quite young I found myself enamoured by the look of wearing glass. I thought spectacles lent a certain charm to all who wore them. One I wanted. But…

Alas, my eyes were simply too aligned. With 20/20 vision I’d not need to wear glasses until I was quite old.

For a small time, I was upset at this.

But when I got my glasses, I found that they did not help as much as they should have. My headaches did not cease, nor could I say that I could see clearer than I would have without them on. Also, I was older… and thus, the cosmetic effects were moot compared to the hassle of wearing them.

Asthma was a completely different case.

In Sophmore year of high school I nearly passed out one day in the middle of school. I had to be wheeled out to my grandma’s car, and taken to the doctor right away. From there, I almost needed to be swept away to the hospital, because I was not responding to the treatments yet.

At last, though, I could breathe deeply again.

They gave me drugs to use to keep in health: Albuterol Sulfate for treatments that I was to take as needed. And in case I wasn’t home, they gave me inhalers containing quicker doses for safety.

But lately I have been thinking about how my asthma and eyes both aren’t improved. And though I can say that I get through life, I think I soon will want to get some help.

So I’ve decided that I need a to find a doctor near my new apartment. But I’m hesitant to commit to someone I do not know. I’ll keep You all posted.

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