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Xenyx 302USB

August 24th 2014

Today I tried my new mixing device: The Behringer Xenyx 302U.

I’m very happy that it works so well. Before, when I would try recording harp, I’d run it through my full PA system into my crappy stock laptop sound card, and use a cheap cord to transport signals.

Needless to say it was quite noisy. And I could not release something which sounds so bad. So I instead wouldn’t release at all, and wait until I worked it out so that it sounded clearer and more ‘clean’.

But with the Xenyx 302 (which has its own sound card inside) recording is so much improved: No hiss, no noise, just nice and clear music. This gives me confidence enough to start recording soon, and thus I will commit to one track every month.

When I release something I’ll post it here.

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