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August 25th 2014

I work out by myself: I jog a lot, and love my runs, but I also want more.

Eight months ago I vowed to add some strength and skill based exercise to my routine. I started with some failed dumbbell stuff: Both price and range of motion didn’t work for my current work out. So I being a nerd went to Reddit.

I will be truthful: Pull ups I’ve slacked on. I’m heavier than many, so I need to work on them, but I don’t have a bar. (I also like to make excuses but I won’t go into that matter today.)

But I want to look into something else. A core point to that work out is the L sit. Aside from Pull ups, that is the most difficult facet of my routine. In fact, I cannot do them well at all.

One way to obtain skill at it is to use Parallettes. But I think I will construct my own instead of buying some.

I’ll let You all know how it goes when done!

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