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Calea Victoriei

August 26th 2014

Only rarely will I delete something that I have made, because someday it might be useful, or at least something to share with those around me who might care to see.

As I’ve begun to make my first record (with my new Xenyx now fully set up), I found time to look back on all my work from the past year. It’s weird, to see my past spread out before me now. Remembering each piece, and when I’d been composing it.

Sheet Music for "I Started. (Calea Victoriei)"

So yesterday I began learning this old piece on my lever harp. Actually, this is one of my newer ones. Only a few weeks old. When I began to play this on my harp, I noticed that I’d made some compositional choices that were not really in the interest of the harp.

I’ve since begun revising it to work, as it will be on my first album soon.

This is a piece I’m not too displeased with because it sounds fairly stable and wrought from the same iron as many of the old pieces that I play from repertoire. I am hopeful that I can make it work, and will include it on my first album.

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