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August 27th 2014

I used to buy domains from moniker, but recently they redesigned their site… and I cannot (will not) adjust to it.

Of course, with this new blog, I needed to make changes to enable it to have its own domain (herokuapp is fine, but I prefer a root domain. So I began to look for a new registrar.

It’s there that I found Gandi SAS.

Parisian in location, they have been around since the turn of the century. They’re fairly popular, 25th in the terms of registered domains, and so I feel confident in trusting them. They have very little bullshit to wade through as You do Your work (in fact, that is their main trademark- “No bullshit.” I like that.

What I like more, though, is their use of FLOSS in their service. They also advocate for it, supporting both the EFF and the Creative Commons (which I like a lot).

They even have a github repo for their software. That is a great thing; I wish others would do the same. Imagine if we could study and learn from every piece of software on the net. But I digress.

My one and only gripe with them has been their lack of support for ANAME records. I’ve had to 302 the traffic from my bare domain to the main subdomain. It’s not a big deal but it exists as the only mark on a perfect list of features and easy to use UI.

I recommend them if You need domains.

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