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Laurel Lee - Part 1 "Tracklist"

August 28th 2014

I’ve found the harp incites people to ask a few questions more often than others.

One question I am asked quite often is, “Do You have any albums of Your harp music?” Until today, I would have just said that I had a short demo from back in twenty-twelve, though it’s a bit dated.

But now, I have begun to work on my first album. And I mean a full-length one.

I’ve called it Laurel Lee, and it will be a ten-track long album of tunes from me and from traditional sources as well.

For those who want the meat of it: A link.

I thought I would include both my own tunes (that is, those I’ve composed myself), although I also am well-rooted in old tunes: Early Music, Irish Trad and the like. To compromise and make it a success, I went with a 50% split. And I will try to make sure both are good.

My named albums like this I envision as being a good sampling of my work. I do not want to focus on one thing too much; I will do that elsewhere I think.

I may switch out one tune, as well. Because I have excluded Bononyvi tracks from Laurel Lee… and I do not believe a solo harp rendition of one track will work as well as I thought it would.

I guess we will soon see. I’ll let You know.

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