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Lilypond - How I Write Music

August 29th 2014

When I am teaching music, it’s a help to give my students something tangible- To serve as a reminder of the piece, during the week of practice that’s to come.

When I do not record the piece I teach, I write it down instead, in two formats.

Now (when it comes to written music) I prefer to use Standard Notation, for it has a defined rhythmic structure and it better represents the music played.

Alas, the standard has become instead for people to use Tabs for learning songs. To me, it is a shaky middle ground between learning like me (that is, by ear) and using written music to play songs.

So, I was looking for a way to write the music one time and from it create both tabbed and standard music from that piece.

I came across the GNU Lilypond project around that time. It lets me write the music once and then I have them both (along with others too- MIDI files and MusicXML!) with one command.

I now compose from it exclusively, and recommend that You all do the same.

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