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Creating Fonts on GNU/Linux

August 30th 2014

I read a lot of Fantasy. So much, that I have gained a love of scripts and such.

By scripts I mean to say fake languages: those written, spoken, and described therein. By such, I mean the cultures they are from.

Constructed Languages are something that I have great intrest in. I think it is because a language is so vital to community; No one has not used one (That’s reading this, at least.) But I digress.

I’ve had occasion to design some fonts for a few scripts that I would like to use. But learning to make fonts on Linux is an art which could do with some more guidelines.

Once You’ve scanned in Your font’s main characters:

  1. You need them all cleaned up and cut apart.
  2. You need to convert them to vector paths.
  3. You need adjust kerning and make the font.
  4. You need to test it on Your system, too.

I won’t make a tutorial right now, instead I will just point You to the tools.

  1. For this, GIMP 2.0 will work just fine.
  2. Vectors are the mainstay of Inkscape.
  3. You’ll put it all together in Fontforge.
  4. To add it to Your system: fontconfig.

The next part of this series will be here when I’ve completed writing it all out. It covers using GIMP to prepare Your font’s main images for Inkscape use.

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