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Month in Review - August 2014

August 31st 2014

I can’t believe we’re through with August now.

I’d say that August was a month of change for me this year. I’ve made a lot of good (and bad!) decisions, which will echo into the months ahead. Overall, though, it was a decently productive month for me.

Some Things of Note Which Happened in this Month

  • Mikaela and I shared a formal date: For dinner, we went to A La Maison. We also made a commitment to try to make long distance work while she’s at school.

  • A local band, “Short Lived Affair”, broke up. They played a great last show, and I will miss their music now… They were a great rock band.

  • My Sunday and Thursday campaigns are both on hold for now due to everyone’s life being too full for such a committment.

  • I learned to play horse shoes at a picnic.

  • Skype rolled out a release which makes linux users install pulseaudio. For me, this meant I won’t be using Skype. Instead, I’ve switched to Hangouts by Google and so, I’ve now become more insterested in Plus.

Some Things I Have Accomplished in this Month

  • For One, I started writing posts on this website, Tumbling Owl. I haven’t missed a single day so far, either. I’m proud.

  • I started Laurel Lee, my first album of harp music. It should be out this year.

  • I chose to start to exercise again, and have begun to follow that program.

  • I played an open mic nearby my house: Space Plague was hosting, and I played my harp.

  • And Ruby became something that I like to work using. This site was built with it.

Looking at September

My final thoughts about August: It was a lot of fun, even when it was hard. I got a lot of things started and now, as I move on to September, I am excited to see how they all come out.

I’ll see You then. Until that time, take care.

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