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September 1st 2014

My friends all know that I am not one to respond to SMS very quickly.

A large part of the reason is that I do much of my work on computers and do not keep a tight grip upon my phone (or even on its meager battery!)

So when I saw the PushBullet service, I knew I had to try it out today.

I’m very impressed with it so far. I have wanted something that would let me use my android phone to text from in Linux for quite some time. It lets me use the tool which I prefer (a keyboard, not a screen) to SMS my friends who prefer that.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s still a new project. Because of that, it has a few quirks still. Sending a message to a phone is hard, unless they have just sent something to You (or have made a PushBullet account).

But it does work, and I support its growth. So check it out today, it is all free.

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