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Trip up to Marlboro

September 4th 2014

Today I made the ride up to Vermont, To visit with Mikaela for a week.

While it was quite a long and dragging trip, I did enjoy the sights (and solitude!). Some time alone every so often is a pleasure which I treasure (when I can!).

It took me seven hours to get here.

This is the longest time I’ve spent away from family and friends. It’s something that’s long overdue for me. I tend to stay so static that I fall into a rut… And then I do not focus on myself or any of the things I need to do, instead only on working for others.

This makes me lose myself, and all my work begins to suffer in response to that.

I think that this is something that I need to do every now and again, for me. To reaffirm that I am not alive for someone else, to do what they need done.

I am alive for me, and for my goals… But I still like to help when I’m around.

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