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The Scheduling Life

September 14th 2014

When I was with Mikaela I was struck by her ability to keep herself locked in to her schedule. It made me start to think.

How many hours am I wasting where I could have done much more had I just planned my day a little more? I’ve never tried to keep a tight hold on the reigns of life. Instead, I kept myself open to change- the cost of which is productivity.

So now I have decided I will change.

The last two days have been very unlike what I thought it might be. I fully thought that I would not like being tied to plans for each moment in time. Instead, I’ve found myself quite proud of what I do each day. And it has not been easy, I should add.

The first day of this change was very good: I planned things out, and achieved everything I’d hoped to do that day. It was a great experience for me. I could do this.

But then, the second day, I hit some snags.

The first was life: things got out of my hands for much of the day time. No big deal, I just would change my plans, or so I thought.

But then I got a headache, as I get so very often, and it knocked me down. I could not muster up the drive to work on anything for many hours, then.

But with some help from those close to me, I was able to get up and move around.

And when I did I made a point to keep updating my schedule as things went on. And something great emerged when I looked back.

I’m not upset with what I did last night.

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