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November 18th 2014

I’ve always liked to make things by my self.

When I was younger, I would take a look around the kitchen. And, when I was done, make meals from whatever we had there. This helped because I was not eating meat just then, and that made things harder for my family… But if I cooked my own meals then I was not a burden. It was fun.

I also remember a time where I would wash my clothes by hand, and made my own t-shirt designs using picked dandelions. I was enamoured with the DIY.

But since I’ve moved into a place I pay for with some friends, I’ve fell into a bad habit of eating out and doing things the easy way. And when I notice that, my happiness becomes fleeting and rare.

And when I am unhappy I do not perform as well as I would otherwise.

But recently I took the plunge again and made something Mikaela gave to me: A Swedish recipe which is called, “Saft”.

A simple drink of fruit and sweetener, I fell in love with it from the first sip. I make it every other day because I keep running through my supply of it. And as I have begun to do this chore, I’ve noticed that other parts of my life are easier to deal with each day.

It could just be routine that is the cause, but I have had a history against accepting routine as a part of life. I think the act of making things I use each day is more the culprit here. I’ve found myself accomplishing much more each day, from writing to my music. And what’s more, is that I do it all in good spirits.

A mountain is much easier to climb if You enjoy the trail that You take.

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