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New Year, New Life

December 27th 2014

As 2015 looms on the horizon, I feel a lot of change in my blood.

The past year has brought with it many times when I have been blissfully happy… But just as many times when I have been out of my wits with stress. Stress is probably the biggest driving force in my life- This is something I do not want to continue, as I enter the new year. So, like so many others, I am choosing to use the calendar’s reset as a time to reset a few of the things in my life.

Firstly, I am no longer writing this blog in an explicit and strict meter. I found it to be very motivating and an interesting excersize, up until the point where I ceased to post every day. After that, it became another excuse for me to put off writing here. So, time for a change. From now on, the restrictions on this blog are that the posts must be strictly personal. All technical details, project descriptions, or “work” related posts will now be on a different site: Toft and Toddy.

Next, I am going to make it a point to do more for myself this year. I recognize, through the words of my close friends, that I have the tendency to act for others… often at my own expense. A lot of my stress comes from this habit of mine, and while I do not want to stop this entirely (helping others is a huge source of happiness for me), I do want to reduce the amount of sacrifice I do for others. I need to focus on my own work much more, and so I need to focus on myself.

Finally, I have a laundry list of small habits I hope to build in the coming year, including the following:

  • Daily use of a bullet journal to organize my life.
  • Maintain relationships with long distance friends.
  • Complete the following challenges:
    • 52 Books Challenge.
    • Song a Week Challenge.
    • 52 Week Cooking Challenge.
  • Establish a workout routine, to get back in shape.
  • Publish work, instead of leaving it idle forever.

With these goals (and my openness to other ones!) I hope to face 2015 with open arms… and open legs, but in a more personal sense (with thanks to The Who for the quote).

See You all soon.

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