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52 books for 2015

December 28th 2014

Here, I wanna outline my details for one of the challenges I am undertaking next year: The 52 book challenge.

Basically, the idea is to average at least one book a week over the course of the year. There is a thriving community surrounding it on Reddit, and plenty of info and support. But I want to add a little something more.

I am mostly going to be reading E-Books (in EPUB format, ftw) because that is mostly what I have. But I want to come up with categories to force myself to read diverse works, instead of just reading 52 long-ish fantasy/sci-fi novels. So, in this post, that is what I am going to do.

Here we go!


  1. Fantasy Novel
  2. Sci-Fi Novel
  3. Memoir
  4. Biography
  5. Instructive
  6. Philosophical
  7. History
  8. Classic
  9. Historical Fiction
  10. Generic Fiction
  11. Criticism
  12. Mystery
  13. Spiritual


  1. Beats
  2. Counter Culture
  3. European
  4. Asian
  5. African
  6. South American
  7. Australian
  8. Russian
  9. Fringe
  10. Primitivist
  11. Political
  12. Motivational
  13. Bestseller

If I can hit these 26 categories in the year, I will be happy. I’m leaving it at 26 because I want to be able to read books I simply want to read, as well.

I have fallen out of reading, for the most part. Especially due to my frequent headaches, which are something I am addressing in the new year. Hopefully this list (and this challenge) will help me to re-mount that horse.

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